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That was the answer I was given when I suggested to a Koi keeper that the continuous health problems her Koi were experiencing might be due to poor water quality. So is that it then? Will be sent in the next couple of weeks to those wishing to show their koi. Please return your forms at your earliest convenience as there will possibly be limited vats available. Vats are issued first come first served and large sizes are limited. If any individual, dealer, craft or business person is interested in sponsoring a vat the cost of this will be £25.00 per vat. All we require is your logo on an A4 sheet of paper in landscape view.

This site cannot take credit for this recovery, and unfortunately three of the Koi died as a result of the way they were handled, but the story shows how publicity can help. In the early hours of Tuesday 8th July, thieves broke into the Japanese Water Gardens at Stapleford, Nottingham and stole Japanese Koi worth £36,500. Twenty one Koi carp, some more than 30 inches in length were taken. The intruders smashed down fences and ripped up nets before draining water from the main pond to get to the fish. Director Wendy Langford stated, This was definitely the work of a professional gang who came equipped with nets, bags and boxes.

Seven were initially taken and the thieves returned later the same night to take four more, reducing his collection of the ornamental Japanese fish to just two. Police believe they were stolen rather than eaten by herons, as in both cases garden plants had been trampled Officers said each of the two properties, whose locations have not been revealed, had been targeted before, with each owner having replaced fish several times in previous months. Sergeant Jonathan Smithson, who is investigating both thefts, believes the same people are responsible.

It would be irresponsible, for obvious reasons, to show pictures of a real Koi pond so, as an example, the picture above shows a small ornamental pond in a public park. The pond is the small round dark shape in the centre of the picture. To judge the size, compare it with the car on the road to the right. The pond is not very distinct because of poor lighting conditions unless you know what you are looking for, and these people do! Having spotted a likely pond, they can enter the garden, complete with equipment and have a closer look. If there is anything worth taking, they steal it, if not they move on to the next address on their list. All our fish are imported from Japan and the fish taken were all high quality Koi, none of our other ponds were targeted. Japanese Water Gardens are offering a generous reward for any information leading to a conviction.

The following advice from The Kent Key Link Scheme was originally intended as general advice for garden security, but many aspects of it are relevant to the security of ponds and pond equipment. Obviously it is a good idea to photograph your Koi and to follow the advice below, but don’t think that your filtration equipment cannot be stolen too. One of my swimming pool customers had his entire pool equipment stolen. The pipework was hacksawed and everything was taken, including the pump, heater and even the sand filter. The sand filter weighed over 150kg, even after the water was tipped out! Read the following and spend a few minutes considering what you have in your garden, and how it might be better protected.

Things to consider when purchasing Koi fishes

Everyone who wants to live a good life has to think about the living space and the surrounding of it, because it is an important part of everything we do there. That is why people do the craziest, but also a few quite impressive things to make their house and garden special.

Having flowers, trees, a nice path, a little green grass and a few rocks here and there won't make it any special, but adding a pond or maybe a water fountain will definitely do something unusual to it. If having a pond, then adding Koi fish in it would be quite amazing and something you cannot see every day. The escorts you bring with you home will adore it and want to come back. Don't think about it twice, just check if there are any cables or stuff underground where you want your pond and if not, start digging.

It should be located on a place where it won't be on the way, if the garden or yard is small, then put it in a corner or on one side. If it is in the middle of a small garde, you won't have place for anything else, unless you take a step further and do some other arrangements, like putting your garden table and chairs over it. Just get thick and strong plexiglass, build a construction over the pond, put the glass on it and there you go. You can that way look at the Koi fish while you are sitting and enjoying your cup of tea and the London escorts from will just say 'wow'.

With those escorts on your side, you shall have someone to enjoy what you build and to spend time together. But London escorts are great companions in every meaning of that word, so you will be able to take one with you on a trip and visit amazing places together. That way you shall also have a person to take care and feed those beautiful animals while you are away. Although some of them live quite luxurious lives, they will like to just spend time with you, as well. Those stunning ladies are also good at sport, by having one of them by your side, you will always have someone to play a tennis match with or even to enjoy some video games.

It is really hard to find beautiful women that are interesting and willing to enjoy many aspects of life, and not only lay around and chill. London escorts are just like that, because besides being escorts, they are also people and want to enjoy life in its fullest, just as we do.

But let's get back to a few more tips: make the pond about a meter deep, but if you are in colder regions make that a meter and a half. That way Koi fish shall be able to go deeper if there is ice on the surface in winter periods. Don't overfeed the fishes and make sure to have a good filtering system, so the water is always fresh and clean. After ensuring a proper water movement, the only thing left to do is to pick out which ones you want.